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 You must read this before you mail in an application!!!!!

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You must read this before you mail in an application!!!!! Empty
PostSubject: You must read this before you mail in an application!!!!!   You must read this before you mail in an application!!!!! I_icon_minitimeTue Apr 01, 2008 1:34 pm

We are a moderately hardcore raiding guild in that whilst we do not raid insane hours we are fully commited to ensuring when we are raiding we do everything possible to progress swiftly. We do recognise people have real-lives, jobs, girlfriends etc. We are raiding approximately 2-2.5

We are not looking for bench-warmers or casual raiders and you must be dedicated to giving your absolute all from farm-nights, trash, throught to wipe nights on new content. We do not tolerate slackers and as a trial in the guild you will be monitored carefully to see if you fit in and perform well. Also do not apply if you are not 100% commited to your class, we do not allow rerolling/alts to enter raids, if you are recruited for example as a resto druid you will stay a resto druid unless we deem it necessary for you to change. You would not be allowed to play at DPS in raids just because you are a little bored of healing, or didn't respec after a weekend of PvP/grinding.

After reading all this you think you would fit into our small but highly productive raiding team follow the links to make an application, the applications are confidential. You should have T4 level raiding gear. We get a number of applications daily and you should be prepared to wait patiently for an answer, you should assume if you haven't heard anything we are either considering your application or are not desperately interested. We DO attempt to contact all applicants to let them know if we are interested or not but please do not hassle us online and especially if we are raiding..

Beneath our wings has regrouped for TBC, we are a small guild with approx 36 raiders all of whom are dedicated PvE players and very active.


Beneath our wings is always on the lookout for exceptional players. We try to tackle the end game content as soon as possible and if you feel you can bring something to the guild then keep reading!

Do you have Gear requirements?
You would be expected to have gear that is appropriate for your class for PvE raiding inc Resist gear. We would expect a selection of T4 gear. It is important you enchant and socket your gear. We feel people should allways maximise the gear they have rather than waiting for the next upgrade.

Is there a recruitment process?
Yes, first of all you should approach the recruitment officer (see below), you should NOT spam them and answer any questions they ask. They will most likely ask you to make an application and mail it in please answer fully the question in the template provided. They will then discuss the application with the other officers and a descision as to whether you will be trialed will be made. Should you make trial you will be expected to be online, ready to raid, fully prepared as often as possible. We do not want people who cannot achieve 66% (2days per week) attendancy on the evenings we raid. The trial period will depend on demonstrated skill in raids, attitude, your preparation and most importantly attendance. Typically the trial period last for up to 3 weeks and not everyone passes trial.

So what sort of preparation is needed?
We expect people to have money, a evening raid can cost anything up to 50g in repairs, we use a large number of consumables for every encounter and you must be preapred with sufficient materials to last an entire raid night. Also coming to raids with the right attitude is important, often on new encounters it can be extremely hard work with constant wipes to learn and master them. If you cannot raid with positivity or are unable to accept criticism/learn from mistakes fast you probably will not enjoy raiding with us.

So how do i apply?
If you think you have most or all of the above check the classes we are currently looking for on our homepage and if we need you then read the Application Template
and make a post answering the questions there.

Mail your application to: eandersen_24@hotmail.com where somebody will get back to you ASAP
[Recruitment Officers: Raser, Bambisaft]
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You must read this before you mail in an application!!!!!
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